Event Experiences

All Star Game


For the 2014 MLB All-Star Game, Chevy wanted an inviting presence to attract existing and potential customers to their booth. In the hustle and bustle of the crowds outside the stadium, they knew they needed to make a bold statement to catch people’s attention and cut through the noise. As such, they partnered with APM to create something big.


At the game, Chevy sought to engage with the audience and pedestrians, but wanted to advertise with something a little outside of the box. Chevy knew that engaging with customers on such a busy, hectic day would be quite the challenge.

However, they had also bought the entire street in-front of the stadium. As such, APM recognized an opportunity to make a splash with a truly original display.


APM helped design a massive cornhole board complete with a giant Chevy bag. The board itself was as long as a semi-truck, meaning it truly couldn’t be missed as people walked past.

Additionally, APM had the idea to build a huge glove that people could sit in and take pictures. Lastly, APM collaborated with Chevy and an agency to create branded pieces to accompany the board and glove. Typically, a four to six-week process, because of a shortened timeline APM was able to complete the job in just 12 days.

In The End

APM delivered everything on time, driving the entire display to Minneapolis all the way from Detroit the day before. At the game, countless people stopped by to sit in the glove, marvel at the massive cornhole board, and learn more about the newest cars in Chevy’s line-up.

In short, APM helped Chevy contribute to the audience’s special experience of being at the all-star game while tastefully advertising their products.

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