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Corvette Plant Tour


In 2014, Chevrolet introduced the seventh generation Corvette, the C7. With each major redesign of the sports car, Chevy redesigns their tour room at the manufacturing plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In a word, Chevy needed an exciting new look and branded environment to match the C7.


In designing and marketing the new Corvette, Chevy sought to change the public perception of the car as an “old man’s toy.” As such, Chevy wanted a tour room that fit the new C7s sleek, stylish design. As the one place in the world where people come to watch the making of “America’s Sports Car,” Chevy needed an environment that lived and breathed Corvette iconography.


APM was pleased to be awarded this change for the second time in a row, as they had previously redesigned Chevy’s tour room for the roll out of the C6. APM immediately got to work designing a tour room fit for one of America’s most classic cars. APM handled the vast majority of the design and deliverables, balancing a stylish new aesthetic with a respect for the spirit of the time-honored car.

One of the biggest challenges was working around existing construction and ensuring everything met current brand standards. However, APM took care to preserve some of the design aspects that made the tour room feel authentic — after all, some things never go out of style.

In The End

Chevy’s new tour room offers audiences an immersive, one-of-a-kind brand experience for the revered sports car. From the tour check-in to the exit door, the facility has an unmistakable aura of automotive excellence and a passion for the vehicle that merged sports car class with American muscle.

The result was an environment that satisfied loyal corvette enthusiasts while catching the attention of younger generations. In brief, APM designed a tour room with a stunning new look for the timeless Corvette.

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