In 2016, the U.S. Navy recognized a need for rebranding to go with their new slogan, “America’s Navy.” Simple yet effective, the motto is a straightforward representation of the Navy brand. The Navy knew they needed eye-catching, thematic displays for use at college football games, sporting events, and other college activities to draw people in and support the new slogan.


The Navy wanted displays that drove engagement and recruitment with passerby traffic at college sporting events. They needed displays that were both visually striking and true to their venerable brand.

To make things even more challenging, the Navy required that the deliverables be completed within 8 weeks when normal turn around would be 4 to 6 months. In other words, the Navy was asking for excellence, not excuses.


APM hit the ground running by initiating a tight-knit collaboration with an agency and an event company. In order to meet the accelerated time frame, there was zero room for error and no day could go wasted.

As such, these three companies had to act as one to coordinate, working together for project management, planning, mapping, creative collaboration, and delivery.

In The End

APM met the deadline without a hitch, and the display is now in its second year of touring. Despite countless set-ups and tear-down as well as constant touring across the country, the display has not required any reworks or adjustments. In brief, APM delivered a stunning, rock-solid product in spite of a demanding time frame.

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